Why your fiancee or wife can not manage your wardrobe?



15 reasons why should professionals not give the managing and control of their wardrobe to the Fiancee or Wife?

Data collected from over 4,000 professionals served in one-on-one shows over 35% of professionals wardrobe is purchased and managed by Fiancee or Wife. 

Here is why you should not give them to manage and control your wardrobe.

  • Men’s suit has structure, and specific construction details created for men’s bodies that they can not feel and understand that. 
  • Men’s body movement is different than women.
  • Every Gentleman should have their authentic style; by involving them, you will lose that authenticity.
  • You will lose confidence in your decision day by day, and if they are not around, you are not able to take your decision.
  • She can not understand your feeling during your meeting with your customers, partners, and social activities. 
  • Sometimes they do not follow your job regulations or dress code.
  • How she is dressing you is how she wants to see you, how about your business partners, customers, and social life?
  • Your outfit represents your personality; when she is involved in your wardrobe, you describe her personality.
  • We have specific body behaviors that are part of our style and comfort zone; we usually won’t other people take over from us.
  •  Color and pattern is a test issue by accepting her idea, yo never be comfortable in your outfit, because it is very personal.
  • Sometimes they do not want you to look perfect because they do not want to lose you.
  • Women’s costume relies on look and men’s to craftsmanship and comfort. Usually, they do not see the prices are worth it.
  • They do not see men’s wardrobe as an investment. 
  • Men’s by wearing their own authentic style gaining confidence and driven to self-esteem, if she is managing and controlling his wardrobe somehow managing his confidence as well.
  • We are learning every day from the mistakes we call that “Learning Curve” and performing our style knowledge, by intervening wife or fiancee we can not learn anything.