Ferruccio Milanesi sartorial house: where image creation and excellence are the objectives. We pride ourselves on providing the best in a class holistic package of products and services that offer exclusivity and discretion, delivering the highest standards of pure craftsmanship and artisanal excellence, tailored to your needs, directly to your neighborhood. Because this is a true neighborhood experience: our products are not available for sale without consultation and are exclusively sold in our ateliers. Our exclusive one-on-one consultation process allows us to get to know your persona and your needs, while educating you on all aspects of our sartorial world, starting from how to build your wardrobe and best use our exclusive products, to style creation and post-sale product maintenance. Cut through the noise before you even say the first word and let your unique style speak for you. Make the ultimate first impression in every facet of your life, whether it’s social events, weddings, the boardroom, or your everyday life.


We are always striving to find agile and dynamic ways of understanding your needs and communicating the mission behind what we do. Our unique "sartorial concept" is tailored to serve you in exclusive one-on-one consultations with the assistance of master tailors, stylists, and men's body shape experts, delivering a personalized and customized service dedicated to satisfying the unique sartorial needs of a unique generation of gentlemen.  We help you in the selection and management of the products that best suit your lifestyle, personality, and career status in a seamless fashion, by analyzing your needs, personality, career status, lifestyle, body behavior, and anatomy, which is essential for creating a unique style and a proper wardrobe blueprint.  This allows our expert experts to deliberate on which products, colors, and fabrics best suit your needs and what unique image you need to send out. There is no such thing as the same products for everyone: different customers will dictate the demand for different products.  Immerse yourself in a truly luxurious experience: our showrooms are the perfect place for those who want to treat themselves to exclusive wardrobe consultations and educate themselves on their wardrobe journey. This is a luxurious, peaceful, and opulent setting where you can enjoy the luxury of effortless comfort as if you were in the comfort of your home. I am not sure how you can do from a distance, considering our one-on-one customer services. But we will arrange a video call for next week.


Our ateliers give a home to a long-standing knowledge that nowadays seem to escape even the best and the brightest of us: that it’s the little things, the subtleties, and minuscule details in the clothes you wear that say the most about who you are and convey the very essence of your personality and aspirations.  That is why we put unique style before reckless and transitory fashion trends and made it our mission to help you identify and create your unique style.  We deliberate on the type, shape, design, and number of suits, jackets, shoes, accessories you need for your wardrobe in a way that fully reflects your lifestyle and personality. This process will undoubtedly help you to save money, time and energy while allowing you to fully express your personality by making a long-term investment into who you are as a professional and, most importantly, as an individual. 


This is a unique service, where the blueprint of a wardrobe is created for each customer.  We will hold your hand every step of the way and lay down the foundation for the entire wardrobe building process. This will inform our thinking on the next steps going forward: with time, we will progressively prepare you for the next phase of your wardrobe journey, with a view to dynamically shape the overall blueprint and adapt it to your current lifetime and income level, and what stage you are at in your life cycle.  Creating a wardrobe blueprint is the very foundational block of creating a unique style in the long term and involves a comprehensive educational process.  We first evaluate your existing wardrobe and migrate all the products we deem appropriate into a newly created wardrobe and create a database of the entire product range to enable you to have full control over your wardrobe. This way, we can manage every new purchase by ensuring it lies within our guideline blueprint criteria. We find it extremely important to educate you on how to purchase the right products that effectively address your needs and build you a long-lasting wardrobe in a cost-effective way. 


We carefully create virtual wardrobe data for each of our customers by safely storing your sheer data in a bid to manage your wardrobe better and help you in an effective way.


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We are dedicated to keeping the handcraft tradition alive to suit the aspirations of those who appreciate handcrafted artisanal clothing and accessories. We are big believers in the handmade sartorial tradition's timelessness, which is the only way to deliver tangible value.

Each garment is made entirely by hand in our ateliers in Naples, Calabria, and Vancouver. Over 25,000 brilliant hand stitches, one stitch at a time, form the base of our unique products, characterized by garments entirely handcrafted by Neapolitan master tailors. 

Our philosophy is built on the notion of exclusivity and luxury of each menswear piece and accessory, realizing what can be easily described as unique, one of a kind products. We believe in the power of exclusive products in increasing the confidence and ability of the confidence to drive self-esteem, which is ultimately essential for success.

One of the most widely held misconceptions is that a luxury experience equates to buying expensive products from a department store's shelves, hopping online to purchase the so-called “designer” products, which are actually made in a mass-production fashion as nearly anyone can easily have access to them. Our ateliers' truly luxurious experience entails having several experts addressing your needs by making exclusive, handcrafted products available to you and assisting you in your final wardrobe decision. 

Identifying a unique style for each of you is the most crucial step for building a proper, comfortable, and future-proof wardrobe. After an in-depth consultation with our stylists, master tailors, and men’s body shape experts, we aim to address your needs by advising you on the most suitable products by taking into consideration your job, income level, social life, and leisure activities.

The Neapolitan shoulder “spalla camicia” is an exclusive shoulder construction, a signature of Italian luxury sartorial tailoring features, the use of which is widespread in bespoke suiting construction. We developed a groundbreaking technique to implement this feature in the future of Sartorial ready-to-wear for the first time in history. This represents an incredible milestone for the menswear industry, which moves one step closer toward a world where new soft shoulder construction allows for anatomic body shape to be made available in the Sartorial ready to wear market.

We strive to provide best-in-class one-on-one customer service. We proudly serve every customer on a one-on-one basis, performing in-depth consultations before selling any product.  We firmly believe that every purchase should have a solid rationale behind it and, most importantly, must work in harmony with all other existing clothing and accessories in each individual’s current wardrobe.

Exclusive fabrics have always been the fundamental building blocks of our sartorial tradition, using unique Fabrics to increase today’s professional's confidence level. As far as suits are concerned, we manufacture each style of fabrics in a limited quantity to create a minimum of one to six suits worldwide, using exclusive and unique up to 11.2-micron fabrics that rely on the most sophisticated woven techniques. Hundreds of exclusive and precious fabrics from windowpane to pinstripe and glen plaid are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Garments and accessories that support a gentlemen’s tailored wardrobe hint at an often- overlooked truth. That not only our wardrobes speak: they never shut up.  Our philosophy is enshrined in the notion of exclusive luxury. We believe exclusive products increases confidence, and confidence drives self-esteem, which is essential for success.

Tangible Value Craftsmanship Exclusivity Luxury experiences Unique style Soft shoulder One on one customer service Exclusive fabrics Confidence