The Benefit of Building the Wardrobe at Once

The Benefit of Building the Wardrobe at Once!

Ferruccio Milanesi specialized in bespoke wardrobe building for professionals; a unique bespoke wardrobe can be customized to build a proper wardrobe at once or gradually by adding one product at a time by following the wardrobe blueprint which is creating by our men’s body shape expert, master tailor and our stylist for each customer in an exclusivity.
Exclusive wardrobe plan for five+five years, specially created for professionals, who want to wear unique fit sartorially bespoke and one of a kind products which entirely handcrafted by master tailors using exclusive materials, timeless beauty style, proper fit clothing, and accessories.
In this package, we are creating in an exclusivity necessary clothing and accessories for your wardrobe which will serve you for any occasion and represents your personality.
After profound consultation between you and our men’s body shape expert,  will establish your unique style, colors, and fit which will represent your “dress code.”
Next stage is creating your exclusive pattern based on your body shape,  work, social activity, body behaviors, and special requests and details.
This work will represent the foundation of your unique wardrobe and will follow hand craftsmanship and artisan work with mastery, passion, and love to create and form one by one your wardrobe contents by our master tailors in Naples and Vancouver.
Products are making entirely by hand, one stitch at a time, over 25,000 hands stitches and 80 hours workmanship makes our suit unique, accessories are hand painted or handcrafted with mastery using exclusive materials and creating one of a kind.
With this unique wardrobe, you will have every day a unique and professional look for any occasion because of products built with the precise arrangement and, best fit which is the result of bespoke creation.

It is one of our complete wardrobe plans, in this plan we are taking every single detail in consideration including your health, job, social activity, traveling, age, sports activity, body shape, and your weight history as well as your existing wardrobe and history of each item in your current closet.
This package includes a five years plan, and all exclusively created products will stay last long in your wardrobe, and by adding the second part of the project after five years, you can extend your wardrobe to 10 years plus by adding some complimentary items.



Here are some benefits of this wardrobe :
➢ Having a unique and authentic style
➢ Everything will create for you in an exclusivity
➢ Will have the best fit possible, The result of the bespoke creation
➢ One of a kind products
➢ Luxury look & feel and experience
➢The best  investment for last long which will pay back
➢ Economic, saving money and time
➢ All products will work together in harmony.
➢ One on one style advice during all ten years
➢ Ten years of maintenance.
➢ Every six -month wardrobe analyzing and contents inspection
➢ The most exclusive products will take you in high-level social position
➢ The unique look will have a significant impact on your business success.
➢ We will have established colors and fit which will reflect your personality
➢ You will not have a matching problem
➢ Five and ten years you will not have a shopping problem.
➢ Your unique style will be classic for last long
➢ Seven days a week, worldwide and traveling VIP Services, having customer pattern, as per customer request we can re-produce any products and ship to any location in the world in an emergency and prior your trip.
➢ In this particular plan, no any additional purchase required for five and ten years.
➢ Most important point is, your exclusive clothing and accessories will be created by the masters with passion and love in a unique way using traditional artisanal handcraftsmanship in Naples, and in Vancouver.

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