How a Great Suit Makes You Attractive to Women

How a Great Suit Makes You Attractive to Women

Looking to set yourself apart from your dating competition and attract more women? Start with an attention grabbing bespoke (handmade) suit. There’s no doubt that women pay close attention to the way you are dressed and draw a lot of conclusions based on that alone. Women simply are impressed by men who are dressed well and who are style conscious, and wearing a beautiful suit can add a new element to your dating and love life.

Wearing a great suit will make you more confident around women

The positive effect that beautiful clothing can have on women is only psychological, but that’s everything. When you’re wearing a well-made bespoke suit there’s no doubt that you’ll get more attention from women. The more attention that you get the more that your confidence will go up, and your natural charm and charisma will start to show more in your interactions. Women are attracted to that natural charisma and confidence, and you’ll find that you get a lot more out of your social interactions with women when you’re wearing your best.

Wearing better clothing shows that you take care of yourself

Women certainly want a man who can take care of themselves, and wearing a great suit demonstrates that right away. On the flip side, a guy who isn’t dressed sharply won’t get much attention from women without having to work for it. Wearing a great suit demonstrates that you have a higher social status, and you’ll find that women are more comfortable when you first start talking to them. You’ll see the difference for yourself the first time you go out wearing a new suit, whether it’s a social event or a first date.

Up your dating game with a beautiful bespoke suit

It may seem like an exaggeration, but the simple act of buying a bespoke suit can take your dating game to a whole new level, with the side benefits of being able to wear it during networking events, job interviews, or presentations. And it’s not just a matter of wearing any suit; suits that are outdated or don’t fit your body perfectly simply won’t have the attention grabbing effect on women that a bespoke suit will.

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