Sartoria Milanesi

The Ferruccio Milanesi Tailoring & Creative Innovation.

  • Dozens of master tailors from South of Italy come together to create most sophisticated handmade suits using they tradition tailoring new stitching techniques and craftsmanship to bring pure bliss to wearer.
  • Best quality fabrics always had big role in good quality suiting,
  • Our philosophy to have exclusive fabrics to make suits for every possible occasion, putting wearer at ease and giving distinction in every situation.
  • Using 100% exclusive fabrics, which are selected from rarest and most prestigious fibers which are woven the best and sophisticated techniques. We are using the finest and softest luxury fabrics up to Supper 210’s equivalent in 13.2 Micron for our suits.
  • Our special collection of exclusive and  light cashmere fabrics, which becomes from “baby cashmere” (downy fiber produced when Mongolian and Tibetan goatherds first comb the hair from their young animals), which the weight is lighter than 230 gr/m and like Vicuna wool. Also we proud to announce every year we are able to have Vicuna Fabrics to serve limited number of our customers because of limited quantity of fabrics.
  • In our concept there is no reason to make a RTW (ready to wear) suits for mass market, for us is important to be a great tailor in a small Atelier to crate artisanal and handcrafted ,one of a kind suits to bring male silhouette contemporary look and close-to-the-body fit like second skin.
  • The New hand stitching and special and sophisticate cutting and forming techniques which our master tailors using in our handcrafted suit giving more flexibility and free movement, seating very well on body and getting perfect shape of body as much as close-to-the-body fit, made to enhance the masculine form,because our jackets are full canvased and  full hand basted linen base structure, The function of this craftsmanship helping to jacket o taking body shape after wearing few days. Here is the secret of impeccable shapes of our products.
  • Milanesi suits are pure bliss to wear and you feel like a second skin and gives you complete freedom of movement
  • Our master tailors have developed in years and generation a ‘sixth-sense’ for their Neapolitan crafted suits
  • Our suits are cut and basted by hand, the reason machine stitching is very minimal in our suits, this because machine stitching locks up the fabric and deprives it of air, movement and vitality preventing the garment from living in Harmony with the wearer.

    Discover the secret of an impeccable fit with Ferruccio Milanesi

  • Handmade suiting
  • Finest and luxuries fabrics up to supper 220’s and 100% baby cashmere fabrics and pure Vicuna wool
  • True Neapolitan soft shoulder
  • Full canvased by using exclusive linen and horse tail cloth canvas
  • High density Bemberg and silk lining
  • 5-6mm thickness Mother of pearl ( shell ) buttons
  • Fully handmade Milanese buttonholes; using special silk thread to make functional buttonholes each with 200-300 stitches (Milanese style buttonholes)
  • Shoulder pad free or very light shoulder pad and special cut to make shoulder reverted and shifted toward in anatomic position to give to wearing maximum comfort and freedom for movement.
  • Cigarette shoulder, extremely high armscye, signature skirt flare. The cigarette sleeve came out naturally reflecting the natural position of the arm


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