Sartoria Milanesi Shirts

Utilizing only the finest broadclothes from top mills in Italy and Scotland, SartoriaMilanesi Shirts areavailable fully and semi handmade and built for style and function. Each is carefully hand-constructed, and created to fit like a glove.

These bold yet traditional shirts are comfortably, flexible and durable. With each stitch and hem the quality craftsmanship is apparent, and will not go unnoticed.

SartoriaMilanesi Shirts are the perfect accompaniment to a bespoke suits from FerruccioMilanesi. Both are designed to impress and built to last.

  • High armholes for wider flexibility
  • 200×2 to 300×2 thread counts cotton and silk fabrics
  • Mother of Pearl buttons
  • All buttonholes made by silk thread
  • 24 to 27 stitches in every inch
  • Small armhole for more movement
  • Converted cuff & special cuff links for any occasion
  • Mother of pearl collar stays
  • Over 50 different collar and cuff styles
  • Large number of shirt styles for every occasion

Fully Handmade (Goodyear welted ) Venezia Leather Shoes

Like our suits, handmade Venezia Leather Shoes by Ferruccio Milanesi are customized to fit the wearer. They are expertly crafted and using the Goodyear welt for comfort from heel to toe, with finely treated leathers and woods choicely selected for their ability to provide the highest quality experience. Designed to compliment a finely-crafted suit, these expertly cobbled designs can range from traditional to contemporary.