Compatibility of the Jacket and dress shirt



Compatibility of the Jacket and dress shirt

Here is why you should not purchase dress shirts without trying with the jacket or jackets you are planning to wear.

1) To check the collar gap between the shirt and jacket collar and lapels.

2) Your jacket armscye size and shape may differ from the shirt armscye if the shirt armhole cut is bigger and low, which means you will have difficulty wearing the jacket and the shirt sleeves length.

Your shirt and jacket armscye should be at the same level to achieve comfort. The optime option is high cut( small cut). Armscye cut is a secret part of the tailoring.

3) The shirt siting point to the body depends on the shirt pattern, cut, and body shape. Therefore you should check the following flows:

a) Shirt may sit on your neck only.

In this situation, you will find extra fabrics on under back collar, and the shirt will be uncomfortable on the chest area, shoulder, and armscye area, which will reduce your arms free movement. Also will find more wrinkle line, contractions and extra fabrics on the top sleeves in one or both side.

b) Shirt may sit on your shoulder.

In this case, you will see extra fabrics on your backside of the neck, which will create un-comfort when you are wearing a necktie and also will create an unpleasant look on under back collar.

c) Shirt may sit on your shoulder, and the neck and follows your anatomic body shape.

It is the best option, shirt shoulder and collar will follow your body shape, this way shirt will pursue your body movement and play a suspension role for the jacket, It will also create harmony and smooth flow between your body and suit jacket.