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Each Ferruccio Milanesi garment is made entirely by hand in a demanding 40+ hours artisanship, engineering with the passion and absolute perfectionism to meet your exacting requirements. Our cutting, stitching and shoulder forming techniques result in a flawless fit and are derived from generations of master Neapolitan tailoring experience. Truly personal and absolutely exclusive.

The art of Neapolitan tailoring


Understanding bespoke tailoring is the first step to changing how you dress  timeless elegant. Bespoke suits must be handcrafted and build from scratch and fully customized to the wearer. By choosing fabrics and details of the garments such as suit style, jacket lapel shape, pockets, vents, lining, button and all other personal and exclusive details than transposed onto an exclusive pattern.

Every cut and stitch of a bespoke suit is built around one person’s precise frame. “Made-to-measure” or “custom” suits are cut from a general size pattern and re-adjusted to your size – they are not handmade and most of the time build with simple fussing structure by paper interlining which is the life time of this kind of suits are to first dry clean.

Sartoria Milanesi Exclusive fabrics


Experience makes an expert tailor, from years spent honing his craft to the knowledge base that comes from working with all sizes and styles.
Ferruccio Milanesi tailors are steady, talented professionals who work tirelessly to bring each customer’s vision to life.


Ferruccio Milanesi-bespoke-suiting-Top stitch


Bespoke suit represents the height of men’s sartorial excellence, Choosing our bespoke tailoring for your next high-end business suit is a wise investment that will pay off from the moment you put it on. A handmade Ferruccio Milanesi suit will immediately command the respect of any room. You will be comfortable, relaxed and confident wearing a remarkable and stunning lightweight Neapolitan Shoulder suit that fits you with a precision unlike anything else.

Ferruccio-Milanesi-Fully-hand basting canvas-bespoke-suits
ferruccio Milanesi craftsmanship


  • Booking Appointment

Select the day and time that best suits your schedule, for original Bespoke fittings to private shopping sessions with an expert.

  • A detailed consultation

During your suit design consultation, you’ll be able to get expert feedback from our stylists regarding how you might want to design your suit, features, accessories and other components.

We consider all of your unique requirements and spend a substantial amount of time learning about your fashion preferences so that we create the most ideal and personalized suit possible.

  • Choosing the exclusive and Selected Fabrics

Fabric options at Ferruccio Milanesi include extraordinary rare options like exclusive Vicuna wool, baby cashmere, silk, cotton and ultra-soft and light wool fabrics up to 220’s and some high tech fabrics for evening and special events

Our baby cashmere fabric comes from the first shearing of a baby goat. Combination of these long fibers with sophisticated weaving theology making our fabrics noticeable light and smooth which make very pleasant to wear any garment made by these fabrics

Processing hundreds of exclusive fabrics by using high quality wool fibers specially long fiber in a wide variation of pattern and colors like herringbone, plaid, windowpane, pinstripe and plain fabrics lightest as 13 microns.

Choosing right fabrics is extremely important, which our expert will consult you base on your need and use, Choosing the right fabrics is crucial.

  • Creating own exclusive style

After deciding on fabric is time to create own exclusive style and your suits details together with our expert. Choosing the details which represent your personality and life style.This is fundamental decisions to decide on your suit style, Jacket shoulder & lapel style, shape and size, vents positioning and length , buttonhole shape and size. after choosing and forming the your own style is time to transposed onto a pattern drawn on paper which will be your exclusive patter.

  • Body Measurements

To create perfect suit need precise measurements, our body shape expert will take your body measurements in traditional way which will takes about 2 hours , during these 2 hours expert explaining all about wardrobe building , purchasing with plan , relation of each piece of wardrobe with each other ,how to give long life to our clothing, also fashion advice how to match to be everyday in different look, and finally how to build the luxury wardrobe for less than $5 day. We have confidence to make your daily base life easy and timeless elegant with out any extra expenses.

  • Manufacturing

Once the design has been decided, after that, with the aid of chalk, the lines of the jacket are drawn out and then move on to the delicate cutting stage. The fabric is cut and basted by hand and the jacket is built around a full floating canvas, lapels, collars and full chest are basting by hand. Each of our handmade Bespoke suit demands over 40 hours of workmanship.

Milanesi Bespoke tailoring service available for suits, jackets, coats, tuxedos, shirts and accessories such as belt and belt buckles, wallets and small handbags also exclusive services individually hand painted ties and pocket squares.

  • Let your imagination be your limit

There’s no limit to the type of suits that you can create with our experts. Our handcrafted Neapolitan suits are soft shoulder, comfortable, lightweight, stylish, high Gorge and contemporary.

At Ferruccio Milanesi, you get to choose all of the features you would like with your suit. Our expert stylists will gently guide you through the process to help you decide on anything you’re unsure about.

Call Ferruccio Milanesi today 1 (604) 801 6200 to speak with one of our expert suit designers or to schedule a fitting anytime, on your schedule @