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Tailored through tradition.

Distinctive Elegance. Exquisite Style.

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Quality is our canvas.


As the leading bespoke suit tailor in Vancouver, our creations are a work of art, and the epitome of modern luxury. Each step of our process follows classic Bespoke tradition. Each piece of your suit is hand cut and shaped to your precise specifications for a natural feeling fit.

  • Each suit cut & basted by hand
  • Rich, exclusive and exquisite rare fabrics from pinstripe, herringbone, windowpane to plaid
  • Tailored by expert craftsmen from the South of Italy
  • Our suits feature the innovative and exclusive Milanesi Stitch
  • True sartorial Handmade suiting demands over 45 hours of workmanship and the application of 16,000 hand-placed stitches.

The Art of Milanesi Tailoring.


Our meticulous process for Neapolitan bespoke tailoring pays careful attention to the functionality and lifetime of the product. Built to be worn for any occasion, our suits offer superior durability and flexibility compared to other bespoke offerings.

  • True Neapolitan soft shoulder
  • Full hand basted canvas by using exclusive linen and horsetail cloth canvas to take the body’s shape after wearing for a short time.
  • Shoulder pad free or very light shoulder pad
  • Specially cut to make the shoulder reverted and shifted toward an anatomic position to give the wearer maximum comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Cigarette shoulder, extremely high armscye, signature skirt flare. The cigarette sleeve comes out reflecting the natural position of the arm.

Private shopping with expert!

Ferruccio Milanesi has private expert stylists available to consult with you from 9am to 10pm by appointment. Coordinate your Bespoke suit, Jeans and accessories with your existing wardrobe or get creative new style ideas. In addition, you’ll get access to one of kind clothing & accessories, which are available exclusively for private shoppers.


Mother of Pearl Buttons & Collar Stays

A clear marker of elegant style.

Our Milanesi Shell buttons are individually hand cut and painted with natural dye in 5.6 mm thicknesses. Mother of Pearl buttons always distinguish your bespoke suit.

milanesi luxury shirt

Traditional craftsmanship. Luxury Fabrics.

Luxurious Sartorial Milanesi Shirts

Nothing completes the experience like handmade shirts cut from the finest rare fabrics, with the same careful attention to detail as our handmade suits.


Goodyear Welted Shoes.

Step to a higher style.

Fully handmade and legendary for their style and comfort, our Goodyear Welted shoes will enhance any outfit.

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Skilled Italian bespoke tailors

Our Milanesi workshop is home to master Bespoke suit tailors from the South of Italy. With generations of experience, a passion for tailoring and a focused attention to detail, they create flawless suits – unrivaled in both look and feel.


Luxury Handmade Neapolitan Tailoring House In Vancouver

The suit makes the man — even moreso when it’s handmade

As a dedicated bespoke suit tailor distinguished for our traditional Neapolitan work, we understand the importance of every step in the process – from consultation and customization, to creation, fitting and finalization.



A canvas of cultivated charm

At Ferruccio Milanesi, you’ll find every accessory you need to fully complete the look you want — including business shirts, ties, shoes, belts, slacks, and even leather wallets and bags – all designed in the world-renowned Milanesi style.