Tailored through tradition.

Distinctive Elegance. Exquisite Style.

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Quality is our canvas.

Our select creations are a work of art, and the epitome of modern luxury. Each step follows classic Bespoke tradition, with each piece cut and shaped to your precise specifications for a natural feeling fit.

  • Each suit cut & basted by hand
  • Rich, exclusive fabrics
  • Tailored by expert craftsmen from the South of Italy
  • The innovative and exclusive Milanesi Stitch

The Art of Milanesi Tailoring.

Suits born out of the Naples traditional pay finer attention to the functionality and lifetime of the product. Built to be lived in no matter the occasion, they offer greater durability and flexibility than more traditional bespoke offerings.

  • Built for flexibility, mobility
  • Lighter, freeing design
  • More durable,comfortable& softerthan traditional London cut

Private shopping with expert!

Available on your schedule, Ferruccio Milanesi has private expert help on-hand from 9am to 10pm. Bring your existing wardrobe items to coordinate to perfection.


Mother of Pearl Buttons.

A clear marker of elegant style.

Individually made by hand, these 5.6 mm mother of pearl buttons always help distinguish a bespoke suit.

milanesi luxury shirt

Traditional craftsmanship. Luxury Fabrics.

Secrets of Sartoria Milanesi Shirts.

Nothing completes the experience like handmade shirts cut from the finest fabrics, with the same meticulous attention to detail.


Goodyear Welted Shoes.

Step to a higher style.

Fully handmade and legendary in style and comfort, the work of Goodyear Welted enhances every outfit.

Book your private fitting or shopping experience today.

Select the day and time that best suits your schedule, for original Bespoke fittings to private shopping sessions with an expert.

Luxury Handmade Neapolitan Tailoring House In Vancouver

The suit makes the man, even moreso when handmade.

With dedicated craftsman distinguished for their work, we understand the tradition of every stitch in the process – from consult and customization, to fitting and finalization.


Indulge in an impeccable fit.

For an unrivaled experience in both look and feel, the Milanesi workshop is home to select Bespoke masters from the South of Italy.


A canvas of cultivated charm.

All the accessories to complete the look, including mens’ business shirts, shoes and slacks – all built in renowned Milanesi style.